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AutoDoc HSE for SAP Business One

AutoDoc HSE is an innovative and flexible document management solution for SAP Business One. It’s an all-in-one, document archive, delivery, and PDF conversion solution for smart businesses that want to take their SAP Business One usage to the next level and go paperless.

AutoDoc HSE for SAP Business One

Automated delivery of SAP Business One documentation – print, fax, e-mail, SMS and xml. You can use Autodoc HSE for bulk delivery of AR Statements, remittances, purchase orders and more! The system can also allow you to automatically send statements via email fax or print to your various stakeholders, directly from within SAP Business One.

The system also allows you to archive each original document and keep up to date with subsequent changes and updates.

As of today, more than 80 of our customers use SAP Business One with AutoDoc HSE to systemise their business and simplify document management.


  • Email, Fax, Print and Archive document delivery

  • SAP Business One intagration

  • Streamlined, company-wide document delivery and archive

  • Contextual document routing

  • Central log for managing and tracking documents

  • Integrated with other existing apps within your business

Virtual Printer

Virtual Printer

The virtual printer has a PDF converter to streamline any print-to-pdf requirements for your users. All the functionalities are built in the virtual printer and customised to your users’ needs.

Configuration panel

Configuration panel

To determine how the document received by AutoDoc HSE should be processed, users will configure their preferred settings. Once pre-configured, the system will capture, format and deliver the print job seamlessly from SAP Business One.

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