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SAP Business One ERP Cost

Discover SAP Business One price options for your business including SAP Business One license cost, development and support.


About SAP Business One Pricing

How Much Does SAP Business One Cost?A common question our team is asked is is how much does SAP Business One cost but the answer is dependant on a number of factors.

When looking at the cost of an SAP Business One solution, there are multiple components to consider.

Of course the primary and most visible cost is the cost of the licenses and annual maintenance – we have put together a table with some basic license costs as a quick reference for you.

But you also need to consider other items such as implementation, data migration, reporting customisation and hardware costs.

You are able to manage some of these costs by choosing a cloud deployment where you can pay for the licenses via an annual subscription.

To help you understand each of these areas and the impact of each we have put together a cost estimate tool for your SAP Business One scoping.

To access these, simply access the SAP Business One Calculator area of the site.

If your business is considering SAP Business One as an ERP solution I am sure you will be asking yourself – How much does it cost to implement SAP B1? There are multiple questions to be answered before a SAP B1 partner can answer the “cost to implement” question. Here is what your SAP Business One cost will depend on:

  • How many users will be using SAP Business One?
  • Single or multiple company set-up?
  • Cloud or on premise?
  • What modules or functional areas will you be using?
  • Single or multi-country set-up?
  • Single or multi-warehouse?
  • What non-standard reports do you require?
  • Will users require the SAP Business One mobility app?
  • Is integration required to any third party applications?
  • Is any SAP SDK or SAP B1iF development work required?
  • What are the data conversion requirements?
  • Is user specific documentation required?
  • Will you be adopting a train the trainer approach for user training?

Want to discover the cost of SAP Business One specific to your business? We have developed a SAP B1 cost estimate tool that you can use to get a better understanding of the implementation, licensing and maintenance costs involved.

Answers to these questions will provide a leading indicator for SAP Business One implementation costs. As an estimate let us give you the following guidelines: SAP Business One partners in Australia usually charge +- AUD1,500 per day for SAP Business One consultancy. You can get a ballpark estimate here.

Cost of Developing an SAP Business One solution

The cost of implementing an SAP Business One solution for your business will depend on what modules or functionalities you want to implement. Here are some SAP Business One costing and implementation timelines base on the various modules available.


General ledger, purchasing, accounts payable, accounts receivable, BAS, fixed assets, banking, budgeting, financial reporting : 15 days implementation.



Inventory management, purchase planning, forecasting, purchase orders, goods receipting. CRM – activities and sales opportunities : 30 days implementation.



Finance, distribution, manufacturing – Works orders, MRP, BOM’s, production resource planning. CRM : 40 days implementation.


Job Costing

Finance, project costing / services – job costing type project services management, billing and reporting, CRM : 40 days implementation


These numbers assume a complete SAP Business One implementation methodology. The SAP Business One partner is assigning project management, user training, data conversion, forms configuration and other tasks to ensure a smooth transition to SAP Business One. Other items to consider include.

  • SAP Business One software licenses – named professional and limited users
  • Cloud or on premise
  • MS SQL Server or HANA database
  • Annual maintenance and support
  • Hardware and infrastructure (if you decide on an on premise solution)

SAP Business One Calculator

Discover the cost of implementing SAP Business One for your business. Use the online cost calculator to get an immediate ballpark quotation for your Cloud or On-Premise deployment.

SAP Business One License Cost

SAP Business One license cost depends on the type of license you wish to purchase for your users. Below is an explanation of the two different type of SAP Business One license cost for Limited or Professional users

Limited User

$1753one time

Professional User

$3705one time

Annual Maintenance



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