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SAP Business One
Production Management

SAP Business One Production Management Module – A key requirement of most manufacturing organisations is the ability to plan production – looking at demand and supply of finished goods and raw materials and considering capacity constraints – labour, machine and resource availability. Planning production runs requires an assessment of labour, machine time and other resource bottle necks for optimized production scheduling.

The good news is that SAP Business One Production Management includes capabilities in the production module to include resource planning. Resource planning in SAP Business One 9.1 has the ability to manage capacity for labour, machinery and “other” capacity constraints.
SAP Business One includes easy-to-use yet powerful manufacturing capabilities. This is ideal for companies which do not have the internal capacity for advanced manufacturing systems.
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As a mid-market Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and business management system, SAP Business One includes easy-to-use yet powerful manufacturing capabilities. This is ideal for companies which do not have the internal capacity for advanced manufacturing systems or engage primarily in light manufacturing.

As standard with the SAP Business One, manufacturing companies get:

  • Lot and Serial Control
  • Back flushing Capabilities in Production
  • Standard, Template, Special and Disassembly Production Orders
  • Project Cost Tracking
  • Labour Management
  • Multi-Level Bill of Materials
  • Extensive Item Master Management
  •  Forecasting
  • MRP (Material Requirements Planning)
  • Multi-Warehouse Capability
  • FIFO Inventory Issue (or standard, average cost)

Manufacturing Solution Features

Supports all types of manufacturing – either as standard or through certified solution extensions SAP Business One supports Light manufacturing, MTO, ETO, Mixed-mode, Process, Batch, Assembly
Focus on manufacturing efficiency – Streamline the entire manufacturing process, from production scheduling to purchasing and logistics, so you can outperform the competition
Streamline production and planning – Manage material requirements for multilevel production processes; create manufacturing resource planning scenarios to forecast demand, and generate automatic replenishment orders to avoid production material shortages
Optimize inventory management – Track inventory levels and stock movements in real time to minimize out-of-stock situations, increase goods availability, and reduce inventory-carrying cost
Meet regulatory mandates – Track, manage, and report on compliance with government mandates and industry guidelines

SAP Business One Production Management

Quick Modules


  • New module to manage and plan resource capacity
  • Ability to capture machine, labor or other resources with associated costs
  • Linked to fixed assets and employee data
  • Accounts to be used defined in advanced account determination


  • Visibility of available capacity to avoid bottlenecks and optimize production plan
  • Resource costs are included in the final product cost


  • New line item types in BoM: resource, text
  • Option to group line items based on process flow
  • Option to mass update BoMs: add/remove lines
  • Values in identical UDFs carried over from BoM to production order


  • Process orientated BoM structure
  • Easy maintenance of BoM

  • Possibility to edit production order to match the production process flow
  • Additional line types inherited from BoM
  • Option to include additional quantities e.g. required for production process setup
  • Ability to define WIP account on row level


  • Tailored production order structure reflecting production process
  • Precise WIP data
  • More accurate planning data
  • Ability to share instructions via production order
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