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SAP Business One

How is SAP Business One sold in Australia?2017-07-21T12:18:28+11:00

SAP is the vendor responsible for SAP Business One in Australia. SAP Business One is sold through a partner channel in Australia. The SAP Business One partner channel in Australia currently has approximately 12 partner organizations represented. These SAP Business One certified channel partners can assist with SAP Business One software license sales, implementation services, reporting, SAP Business One development and on-going systems support and maintenance. SAP Business One Partners in Australia are categorized based on Gold, Silver and Bronze status. Gold partners are the most experienced with more consultants available for implementations.

Is SAP Business One available in multiple languages and countries?2017-07-21T12:16:42+11:00

Yes – there are approximately 56,000 implementations of SAP Business One across the globe. Multiple languages and multiple country legal and fiscal requirements are catered for. SAP Business One is available in 27 different languages and is sold in 40 countries – a truly global product.

What is SAP Business One?2017-07-21T12:15:25+11:00

SAP Business One is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or business management solution. SAP Business One offers small to medium sized business an end to end solution for:

  • Finance
  • Sales
  • Customer relationship management
  • Reporting
  • Inventory
  • Purchasing and purchase planning
  • Material Requirements Planning
  • Manufacturing
  • Mobility
  • Warehouse management
  • Business Intelligence reporting
  • KPI and dashboard reporting
Are warehouse management scanning / wireless solutions available for SAP Business One?2017-07-21T12:12:41+11:00

Yes – one example is Achieve WMS.

What add-on solutions are available for SAP Business One?2017-07-21T12:10:38+11:00

Too many to list…..there are 3,688 add on solutions available for SAP Business One. You name it and there is an add on solution available for SAP Business One. Some of the major add solutions include:

  • Warehouse management / wireless scanning
  • Job costing
  • Reporting
  • Rental solutions

Does SAP Business One offer warehouse management? Yes, Standard, out the box SAP Business One offers a multi warehouse solution including:

  • Bin management
  • Lot traceability
  • Serial number traceability
  • Full and cycle stock take
  • Inter warehouse transfers
  • Units of measure conversion
  • Stock management reporting
Can you give some advice on planning for an SAP Business One implementation?2017-07-21T12:08:45+11:00

Leverage has published a great e-book that is full of good tips and advice for implementing SAP Business One. You can get started here.

How can I get upgraded to the latest version of SAP Business One?2017-07-21T12:06:19+11:00

To be eligible for an upgrade to the latest version of SAP Business One you must be paying annual maintenance to your SAP business partner. Your SAP Business One partner will be paying a percentage of that annual maintenance to SAP. This annual payment to SAP makes you eligible for the latest version of SAP Business One. Now that you are eligible for the software update the new version will need to be implemented. An upgrade will require your SAP Business One partner to provide professional services for:

  • Test upgrade
  • User training
  • User acceptance testing
  • Live upgrade
  • Post upgrade support
What is SAP Business One HANA?2017-07-21T12:04:35+11:00

In memory database technology. Super fast for large volumes of data. As an SAP Business One customer you have a choice of database between MS SQL Server and SAP HANA. SAP has built functionality into SAP Business One that is only available in the HANA version of SAP Business One.

MS SQL Server vs HANA for SAP Business One – which is the better database solution for SAP Business One?2017-07-21T12:00:49+11:00

The answer to this question will depend on your requirements. SAP Business One HANA is gaining traction and there is no doubt that SAP is increasingly offering new functions and features on SAP Business One HANA (in memory). HANA only functionality include:

Which databases does SAP Business One offer?2017-07-21T11:56:29+11:00

Microsoft SQL Server and SAP Business One HANA. Microsoft SQL Server is the database that has been used traditionally for SAP Business One implementations. More recently SAP introduced the option of using SAP HANA (in memory technology) for SAP Business One. More information about HANA for SAP Business One is available here

How long does it take to implement SAP Business One?2017-07-21T11:53:26+11:00

This is a tricky question to answer without knowing more about the company’s functional requirements and the scope of works. In general we can say that most SAP Business One implementations take 3-6 months from start (signing an agreement to proceed) to go live. This assumes a standard +- 15 user, wholesale / distribution implementation. At Leverage Technologies we have seen implementations range from 2 months to 12 months and everything in-between. Multiple factors will influence the time it takes to implement SAP Business One. More information here.

What should my SAP Business One support partner offer in terms of ongoing support?2017-09-11T05:37:36+11:00

Make sure you choose the right SAP Business One partner and the right support / annual maintenance agreement to reduce your on-going cost of ownership and get the most out of your SAP Business One system. Here are a few blogs to help;

What different license types are available for SAP Business One?2017-07-21T11:46:03+11:00

SAP users are sold on a named user basis and are available in user types – professional, limited CRM, Limited Financial and Limited Logistics. More information about user types is available here.

How much does it cost to implement SAP Business One?2017-07-21T11:43:02+11:00

Many SAP Business One partners will tell you that you cannot give an estimate without a detailed scope of works. In some respects, that is the correct answer but we can give some basic guidelines based on the SAP Business One customer sites that have been implemented globally. More information is available here.

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