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SAP Business One
Financials Management

As your business grows, so do the challenges associated with managing its financials. Without an integrated and automated financials management solu­tion, increased business complexity can overwhelm your existing financial and accounting processes, giving rise to inefficiencies and inaccuracies that can lead to missed opportunities and lost revenue.

The SAP Business One Financials Management application offers a complete and integrated set of tools to effectively manage and automate all of the accounting and financial pro­cesses in your growing company. As the core component of SAP Business One, financials management incorporates all key accounting processes, such as ledger and journal entries, accounts receivable, and accounts payable. The software automatically triggers account­ing postings in real time when business transactions occur.

The SAP Business One application provides a reliable, integrated solution to streamline your financial operations. it automates your everyday financial tasks and integrates them with other business processes, such as purchasing and sales, in real time, resulting in faster transactions and improved cash flow.
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SAP Business One Financials Management

SAP Business One Financials Management supports automatic tax calculations as well as multicurrency transactions. Posting templates and recurring postings further streamline and simplify your accounting processes.

With SAP Business One Financials Management, you can man­ age cash flow, track budgets, and com­ pare actual and planned figures at any time to get an accurate and up-­to­-date picture of your business. You can readi­ly create profit or cost centers and then allocate revenue and expenses accord­ing to distribution rules, which are cus­tomizable specifically for your business needs.

With the banking and reconciliation tools in SAP Business One Financials Management, you can handle all your payment processing, including bank transfers, checks, cash, credit cards, and bank reconciliations. You can import electronic bank state­ments and automatically reconcile them. The reconciliation tool also allows you to quickly reconcile incoming and outgo­ing payments with vendor and customer invoices.

SAP Business One Financials Management offers powerful re­ports, analytics, and tools to help you satisfy the financial analysis and report­ing requirements of your business. With complete integration with every part of your business including sales, purchas­ing and inventory, you get a clear and complete overview of your business performance and ability to take quick actions.

Quick Tips

The SAP Business One application enables you to simplify and automate financials management. it provides a comprehensive and integrated set of tools that allows you to manage all the accounting and financial processes in your company.
  • inefficient and error-­prone accounting and financial processes due to duplicate data entries and lack of integration between financial data and key business functions, such as purchasing, warehousing, and sales
  • inadequate access to the full range of accurate financial information needed to complete month­-end closings and make informed business decisions
  • Accounting – Automatically handle all key accounting processes, such as journal entries,
    accounts receivable, and accounts payable
  • Controlling (or cost accounting) – Accurately manage cash flow, track budgets, and
    compare actual and planned figures
  • Banking and reconciliation – Quickly process all reconciliations and all bank statements
    and payments by various methods, including checks, cash, credit cards, and bank
  • Financial reporting and analysis – Create a wide range of standard or customized
    financial reports from real­time data for business planning and audit reviews
  • Streamlined financial operations – Automate, integrate, and manage all the financial
    processes in your company with a single solution, eliminating duplicate entries and errors
  • Faster closing process – Close your books faster with automated processes and ability
    to access accurate and timely financial information
  • Improved decision making – get a unified financial view of your business by integrating
    accounting data with sales, purchasing, inventory, and operational information

 SAP Business One Financials Management Features

Accounting Controlling (or Cost Accounting) Banking and Reconciliation
Implement and adapt predefined chart ­of­ accounts templates Define and manage budgets Manage incoming and outgoing payments with cash, checks, electronic bank transfers, and credit cards
Manage accounting transactions such as journal entries, journal vouchers, recurring postings, and posting templates Handle payment terms, customer reminders, and cash collections Process bank statements and perform automatic reconciliation of your ledgers
Manage multiple currencies for accounts payable and accounts receivable Manage direct and indirect expenses and revenues for multiple cost centers Clear multiple accounts receivable and payable invoices automatically in batches
Create balance sheet, profit and loss, and other financial reports Maintain distribution rules for automated revenue and expense allocation Print check batches and generate check and payment reports
Streamline accounting operations Manage costs and improve profitability Automate reconciliation
Expedite month­-end closes Forecast cash-­flow accurately Minimize payment roadblocks


SAP Business One handles all your accounting transactions…

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Financial Reporting

SAP Business One provides a wide range of financial reports…

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