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SAP Business One
for the Medical Industry

The medical industry in Australia, and across the world, is highly regulated. Compliance with FDA, TGA and other standards is of critical importance in the biotech, pharmaceutical, medical devices and sometimes even in the medical consumables market. The team at Leverage Technologies has, over the past ten years, worked with a number of medical, pharmaceutical and biotech companies to help implement business management solutions to assist with compliance.

SAP Business One has native functionality like serial number and batch / lot traceability which is critical for the medical industry. Requirements will vary depending on the exact industry sector within the medical industry – for example a biotech company will require lot traceability whereas a distributor of medical devices and equipment will need serial number traceability.

Some relevant functions and features in SAP Business One include:

Serial number traceability – use serial numbers to track and trace physical equipment, loan equipment and medical devices. Use serial numbers on receipt into the warehouse, dispatch and for stock take.
Lot number traceability – used in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry for traceability. Create batches or lots for raw materials and finished goods. Track and trace all materials through to the finished good batch that they belong to. Print batch information from SAP Business One. When receipting raw materials a user can also enter batch details for quality assurance. Batch details can include information about the quality of the batch and testing results.
Label printing – print serial number and batch number labels and attach them to raw materials and finished goods.

Business management solutions for the medical industry need to do a whole lot more than traceability. Other important functions and features include:

CRM – keep track of customer and patient information.
Inventory control – from purchase orders and purchase order approval through to purchase planning, receipting, stock take and dispatch – SAP Business One offers full inventory control.
Warehouse management – entering lot / batch and serial numbers for stock items can be time consuming. Eliminate errors and increase productivity by using Achieve Warehouse Management for SAP Business One. Achieve Warehouse Management allows for a paperless warehouse using RF scanners for:

  • Inventory receipting
  • Stock take
  • Stock movements
  • Dispatch
KPIs, dashboards and reporting – an important tool in any industry – particularly a fast paced industry like medical and pharmaceutical. Get your KPIs, dashboards and reports through SAP Business One HANA. Finance, inventory, purchasing, manufacturing, sales and more – instant access to the information you want.
Finance – tracking of R&D spending, cash flow, multi-company and a whole lot more.
Mobility – get the information that you want when and where you want it. SAP Business One offers mobility apps and a web browser interface. Give your management, sales and service teams the ability to transact with SAP Business One anywhere, anytime.
SAP Business One has native functionality like serial number and batch / lot traceability which is critical for the medical industry.
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SAP Business One for the Medical Industry

In a highly regulated industry you need a solution that can assist with ease of use, access to information and great reporting whilst offering native functionality to assist with TGA and FDA compliance (traceability and more). SAP Business One fits well as an industry solution for medical, pharmaceutical and medical consumables.

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