SAP Business One
Support and Maintenance Options

Once your SAP Business One solution is up and running you will no doubt understand the importance of ongoing support and maintenance. Post go live you will usually have support and maintenance requirements in the following areas:

  • Support calls – at some point in time your team will require support. Support requirements are usually most extensive shortly after go live when users are still in an early adoption phase of the new system. The requirement for support is usually fairly simple – your users will want to pick up the phone and get an answer to a query or support problem. If the problem cannot be resolved on the phone, then your SAP Business One support partner might need to dial into your system to provide further assistance.
  • Questions – sometimes a user will have a question or a “how do I” that they want answered. This might not be a specific support query – more of an enquiry about a function or feature in SAP Business One.
  • Account management – it’s important to have a good relationship with your SAP Business One partner. Your SAP Business One solution will be an important part of your business success. Almost every aspect of your business – finance, CRM, operations, reporting and mobility will be reliant on SAP Business One. Regular account management visits help cement the relationship with your SAP Business One partner and also help keep you, the customer, up to date on the latest news, developments and technology from SAP.
  • Project work – there is no doubt that at some point after your initial SAP Business One implementation you will require additional project work. This might be because you need to implement a phase II project or because your business requirements change and you want SAP Business One configured accordingly.
  • SAP Business One Upgrades – the great news is that SAP is always working on new technology and functional updates for SAP Business One. This helps keep your business ahead of the competition by adopting the latest in database, reporting, mobility, cloud and functional enhancements available on the market. These upgrades should be treated as mini projects – requiring a test upgrade, user acceptance testing, training, a live upgrade and hand over to support. SAP provide tools to expedite the upgrade process.
  • Additional user training – keep investing in user training – it is an important part of ensuring that you maximize your return on SAP Business One – or any other ERP solution.
  • Reporting – as your business grows and changes so too will your reporting requirements. Keep investing in post go live support and reporting to ensure that your business gets the information that it needs when it needs it.

Most SAP Business One partners offer comprehensive post go live support options that include:

  • Support desk
  • On-site consultancy
  • Account management
  • Training (on site, computer based and classroom style)
  • Project work
  • Report writing
  • Project management
  • Development and integration
  • Account management

Make sure that you map out your support and on-going system requirements with your SAP Business One partner. Your day to day requirements for SAP Business One support will be driven by your company specifics:

  • Cloud or on premise?
  • Number of users?
  • User distribution – one central location or multiple locations?
  • Functional requirements?
  • Development / integration and third party solutions?
  • Number of super users in your organisation?
  • In-house technical skill set?
  • Hours of operation / support hours?

SAP Partners are there to help with your SAP Business One implementation and post go live support. As part of your initial project you should map out and agree your required support structures with your SAP Business One partner.

SAP Business One Support
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