Thinking of moving SAP Business One to the cloud?

//Thinking of moving SAP Business One to the cloud?

Thinking of moving SAP Business One to the cloud?

Thinking of moving SAP Business One to the cloud

Currently using SAP Business One on-premise but curious about the advantages of the cloud? This post explains why it could be a smart move and what’s involved.

For many SAP Business One customers reviewing their current IT and hardware needs, the allure of a cloud-first, hosted offering is strong. 

Perhaps your on-premise servers and infrastructure is outdated and in need of replacement, or you’re facing the end of support for Microsoft Windows Server, or maybe you’ve recently gained access to faster and more reliable internet. 

When you’re faced with these scenarios, the commercial benefits of going to the cloud might outweigh the cost of re-investing in new server infrastructure.

Fortunately, when you work with Leverage Technologies, switching from SAP Business One on-premise to SAP Business One in the cloud is straightforward, requires far less investment than implementing a new system, and is possible to complete within a matter of days. 

Flexibility makes SAP Business One Cloud an attractive offering

There’s a reason cloud-based solutions are growing in popularity. The majority (90%) of senior executives that responded to Deloitte’s 2018 global CIO survey said their organisation used cloud-based services and were expecting to shift mission-critical applications and infrastructure to the cloud within three years. 

Managing IT in-house is less attractive to many businesses when it’s possible to affordably and reliably consume what you need via a subscription that you can cover using operational expenditure (Opex).

The ‘as-a-service’ model allows you to access the infrastructure, systems, and support you need on-demand, which supports a more agile and adaptable approach to how you structure or manage your business. 

The onus and cost of keeping pace with cutting-edge technologies and the very latest in security and compliance measures rest with the vendor rather than your business. SAP Business One has a global footprint, an expert team, and a commitment to security and product development.   

With a Leverage Technologies SAP Business One cloud offering you get:

  • Modern, scalable and updated server infrastructure
  • Off-site back-up
  • High-level security
  • Leverage Technologies support
  • A choice of Microsoft SQL Server or SAP HANA databases
  • Scalability
  • Easy monthly payments for infrastructure
  • The ability to make use of your existing SAP Business One licenses or Software as a Service licenses


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What’s involved in moving SAP Business One software from on-premise to the cloud?

Firstly it’s important that you have enough internet bandwidth, reliability, and speed to operate a cloud solution as you’ll be interacting with a data centre off-site. So one of the first steps is to ensure your Internet service provider can offer quality service – speed and reliability. 

When you partner with Leverage Technologies to change from an on-premise to cloud instance of SAP Business One, the process is simple. We can take care of all aspects—including hosting / infrastructure and support—which means you only have to deal with one provider. 

If your SAP Business One configuration uses add-on solutions or has integrated development – don’t worry – the team at Leverage Technologies can move all of your development, configuration and third party solutions to the cloud.

Leverage Technologies uses multiple different cloud and hosting models depending on client requirements:

  • SAP Cloud Control Centre – for multi-tenant public cloud hosting. Lower cost, quick set-up cloud for less complex SAP Business One configurations.
  • Private Hosting – for clients that want all of the benefits of cloud in their own, private hosted environment. 
  • Client Hosting – if you already have a hosting partner you can choose to private host with your current infrastructure provider or one of the majors – AWS, Azure etc.

Different cloud infrastructure packaged solutions are available including options for:

  • Leverage support desk for all of your infrastructure and SAP Business One support requirements
  • Off-site back-up
  • Regular system updates to infrastructure, operating systems and databases
  • SAP Business One patch level updates
  • SAP Business One version updates

We take care of transferring your existing configuration and data into the cloud. Our years of experience means you can rest assured the transition happens smoothly. 

Are you interested in moving from SAP Business One on-premise to the cloud? Have a conversation with one of our consultants to weigh the pros and cons.

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